Who is Dave?

Charming, Smart, Handsome, and Humble.

One day long, long ago, my father told me not to touch his computer because he had just gotten it fixed. Being a kid, soon to be entering my teens, of course I ended up breaking his computer and had to fix it before he got home from work. I had a few hours left, no google to consult and a tiny bit of DOS knowledge due to my experience with an old 386 we had in prior years -YAY NIBBLES.BAT! I didn't know it, but this day was the day that I found my calling.

In grade 8, toward the end of the year my teachers started to prepare us for what was going to happen when we graduated into High School. Very hesitantly I put up my hand and asked if they had any classes that pertained to building and repairing computers. My teacher laughed at me and told me that I'd have to go to College for such a thing. However, the highschool I was going to attend actually did have a Computer Engineering class that would start me well on my way to being who I am today.

Even though in grade 9 I had already started a small computer repair business out of my bedroom at my parents house -Where I made extra money to take my friends to the movies- I owe most of my success to my grade 11 Computer Engineering teacher Mr. Katavah, who recognised my aptitude and took extra time out of his day to ply me with extra assignments that were above and beyond what the other students were capable of, such as double sided printed circuit boards and precision soldering.

After Highschool, I had already been in the field for about 4 years working for myself. Getting a job in the field however, even with that kind of experience, was still turning out to be impossible. I struggled for about 6 years on my own -doing different jobs to suppliment my income, such as Pita Factory, Zellers Electronics Department Manager and School Bus Driver.- before I was hired on at a computer repair shop in Ottawa called Dr. Desktop. From there, I was able to get A+ Certified through the company as well as Dell Certified. "What a breeze"

When I arrived on the East Coast, I noticed the lack of good computer repair solutions in town. The only obvious choices were chains that only hire salesmen that don't have much tech. experience. After doing much more market research in the area, I decided to look for a place that I could call a workshop of my own. Soon therafter, I found a small room in a convenience store on Salisbury Rd. with good visibility as a starting point to my east coast journey. However, a year later the convenience store owner had made the decision to close his shop and informed me just one week before his closure. I had to make a snap decision, find another supplimentary job to pay the rent and keep my dog in good kibble or take a chance and attempt to get a loan to expand my business elsewhere.

Not liking the idea of working for someone else again, I decided to go for it. I went out begging banks and anyone else that might be able to give me a chance for a small loan so that I could put a downpayment on a location within the city of Moncton. Without much luck at the banks, I ended up meeting a man at Enterprise Moncton who was impressed with my skills and was willing to offer me a seed loan if I could find a good location in Riverview. "SOLD!" I exclaimed, and I went out again to find the perfect location for my business, 406 Coverdale Rd. Riverview, where I used all of the skills that I have aquired for myself in the field for over 15 years to serve my many very happy customers, with a genuine smile on my face for I couldn't be happier with the trade that I have found myself in. Come visit me at my new location on Mountain Road!

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