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Need a custom office beast or a godly gaming rig?

At JustCallDave.ca, if you can dream it, we can create it. With a whole world of computer parts available at our finger tips, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at the following builds and pick one or tell us your requirements and we'll put it together.


Extremely powerful PC for every-day computing at home or in the office. For anything but high end gaming. Upgradable to a high end gamer.


Only $624.99 + HST


Extremely powerful PC for every day use, office use and some high end gaming. Crossfire compatible for future upgrades.


Only $799.99 + HST


Put your helmet on, this one will blow you away! With a powerful 8 core 4.4GHZ processor and a GTX Titan X Video card you'll be able to play every game out there on ULTRA and Maxed out settings. The high speed ram also makes data crunching a breeze. This computer can do absolutley ANYTHING for a GREAT PRICE!!!


Only $2600.00 + HST

Got something else in mind?

If you got an idea for something else, I can build it. Call us or drop by for a quote today!